Guam - Guam Department of Labor Administrator for wage and hour Roman Quinata says the US Department of Labor is conducting an investigation with Verona Resort & Spa.

Imagine reporting for work on time regularly then comes pay day and you don't get paid. Well, that is the issue reportedly being faced by employees at the Verona. This has prompted an investigation by the federal government over the issue of employees not getting paid on a timely manner. "With Verona," said Quinata, "the main issue with them is not paying the employees on time you know get calls from them and every time we start the process of doing something they suddenly come up with paying the employees. So the main thing is them just being behind on the payments and it's been a habit with them and we see most of the time when employees do call here its late payment or lack of funds in the account when they do go cash their check."

He says Guam DOL has received calls from Verona employees in the past about not getting a paycheck. "That trend has been going on for a while its mostly employees that are not being paid on time most of the employees if they do give them their checks they are told to cash it at a certain time because there is no funding in the account," he added.

In response, the Guam office has made attempts to call management but Quinata says because USDOL is now handling the matter, the Guam office cannot interfere, instead only provide any assistance needed. Messages were left with USDOL assistant district director on Guam Patrick Candoleta. KUAM News has learned that Verona Resort & Spa president David Su left off-island this morning. Messages were left for general manager Dennis Regnier as well.

According to an employee from Verona, not getting paid timely has been an ongoing issue. For instance, payday was on Friday, but staff did not get their paychecks until this morning; however they were advised by management that they were not allowed to cash it until given the "go ahead". The employee, who wished to remain anonymous, notes that this has been ongoing for at least a year, with staff, sometime, only getting half of their payroll. The employee added when staff are actually allowed to cash their check, they have a hard time finding a place to do so, as Verona checks have been "banned at certain places because too many have bounced before or they get turned away from some banks."

The employee notes banks have indicated insufficient funds in the company's accounts. The employee added that some people have quit or in some cases have been terminated because they have reported the matter to the Department of Labor.