by Krystal Paco

Guam - Students at a local high school were placed on lockdown during their lunch hour after two of their classmates were not only drunk but apparently out of control.    

Two George Washington High School students were sent to the Guam Memorial Hospital today - both were maced and one "drive stunned." "Drive stunned" is described as when an officer takes his taser gun and places it on an individual as opposed to deploying the taser's projectile.     

According to Guam Police Department spokesperson Officer AJ Balajadia, both students, ages 16 and 17, arrived to the Mangilao campus drunk. As a result, both became disorderly and combative and began assaulting school aides.

The incident required the assistance of GW's School Resource Officers, who were forced to spray both students with mace.

But that wasn't enough as Guam Police Department were also called to the scene.

Because one of the students remained combative, Balajadia confirms a Hagatna Precinct officer "drive stunned" the student with a taser.

According to Department of Education deputy superintendent Rob Malay, administrators took the appropriate actions and the students' parents were notified.

Malay also confirms an investigation has been launched as a result.