Guam - A man is being held on $750,000 cash bail accused of stabbing his neighbor to death early Tuesday morning.

A Dededo appliance repair shop was the scene of the crime. "There's a lot of blood over here," explained Anthony Jao, recalling how on early Tuesday morning he found his co-worker, 33-year-old Felipe Reyes, on the ground bleeding and unconscious. "He was not responding when I was calling him. I checked his pulse. Still good. But he's still breathing. So I called the cops. After I hung up, I called the auntie," he remembered.

Earlier in the evening, Jao says he observed Reyes arguing with his neighbor. "He was arguing with the guy already. For me, I was just thinking, 'They're not going to fight', so I slept until later on the lady over here woke me up again, saying Phil's on the ground bleeding," he said.

And when police arrived, they arrested 42-year-old Fred Isitero John. Jao said, "Cops came. The guy's inside - the Chuukese guy that stabbed Phil."

Reyes died later at the Guam Memorial Hospital. According to chief medical examiner Dr. Aurelio Espinola, Reyes sustained two stab wounds to the right thigh and as a result, bled to death. On Wednesday afternoon, John appeared before Magistrate Judge Alberto Tolentino.

According to Attorney General's Office spokesperson Carlina Charfauros, John is charged with two separate counts of murder because there are different ways to charge the crime. Based on Guam statute, John may be charged for knowingly or recklessly committing the offense and that it is possible to charge one or the other, or in this case, both.

John is being held on $750,000 cash bail.

Meanwhile, co-workers like Jao are saddened by the sudden death of 33-year-old Reyes. "He's like my family already," Jao said. "Me and him, we just deliver things like that. We're always messing around over here."