Guam - It was a story that shocked the community as Keith Jermaine Garrido is accused of beating 63-year-old Nancy Mafnas with a metal pipe, stealing $8 from her purse and running off with her car which he crashed about a mile and a half away.

Although he's taking the fall for the crime and earlier today entered a plea agreement with the government, it appears there could be other assailants in the same case.

Heavily guarded, handcuffed, and shackled, Garrido pled guilty to murder as a first degree felony with a special allegation for possession and use of a deadly weapon in commission of a felony, burglary, and theft of a motor vehicle.

Judge Anita Sukola asked, "Are you pleading guilty because you are guilty, Mr. Garrido?" to which he replied, "Guilt by complicity." The judge then asked, "But are you guilty?"

But what's guilt by complicity? Prosecutor Phil Tydingco implies there could be others involved in the case thanks to new developments, noting, "All that basically means is accompliced liability kind of whether you're the lookout the getaway driver similarly in a murder you're assisting by bringing the person there and engaging in the crime."

That's why the case remains open.

"At this time there's still a pending investigation about that and that's all I can say about that," he said.

And as outlined by today's plea agreement, should others be implicated in the crime, Garrido is expected to testify against them in exchange for fewer years behind bars.

Tydingco said, "Part of the plea agreement it indicates that the people will only seek the five years if he fully and truthfully cooperates with further investigation in this case which is ongoing if his cooperation is not full or truthful, then we'll seek the full 25 years consecutive which he will have to serve before he starts the life imprisonment."

Ultimately, Garrido still faces life behind bars with a possibility a parole after 15 years for the murder charge.

Meanwhile, he still has another open case involving his reported escape from a DepCor vehicle en route to a court hearing. While on the run, he allegedly assaulted another woman in her home.

This case is scheduled for a pre-trial conference on March 5 while his sentencing for the murder case is scheduled for June 19.