Guam - In the last month, the Department of Rev & Tax estimated close to 2,000 people had filed their tax returns. But according to agency director John Camacho, the number has since doubled with nearly 5,500 people filing their returns as of today. He adds if you plan on filing your taxes, new Guam specific forms are now available.

"Now we have our own Guam Income Tax Forms for all the three classes which is the 1040-EZ, 1040-A and the 1040, which accommodates all the schedules. It's available now, and we have the instructions that are going to be available today, so moving forward and in mid-February we'll be getting more instructions and more forms from the IRS," he said.

DRT was printing more Guam-specific income tax forms because the current IRS forms have sections that do not apply to Guam such as tax credits related to Obamacare. Camacho adds DRT is working to get more instructions, but suggests filers use a tax preparer or tax software in the meantime.