Guam - 29–year–old Edison Santos, Jr. is accused of raping a 27–year–old hearing impaired woman. According to court documents, through a certified sign language interpreter, the victim alleged Santos raped her a total of three times. In the most recent incident which occurred Monday morning he allegedly walked into her room, wrapped his arms around her, took off her clothes, forced her to the ground and raped her. It wasn't until the victim went to work that she communicated with her co–worker on a piece of paper that she had been raped. The victim said she was scared to say anything about the previous rapes because she feared the defendant. When interviewed by police, Santos however said that the two were in a consensual sexual relationship.  Of the incident that occurred on Monday, he said he had missed a call from the victim. He then went into her room and through gestures asked about the missed call. Santos told police the victim responded in gestures that she wanted to have sex with him.