Guam - It was the Governor's Office that initially pushed for the complete implementation of the Hay plan to include raises for elected officials and political appointees back in January of last year and it was the Legislature that removed from the plan the raises for elected leaders and cabinet members.

As for tonight's public hearing, Governor Eddie Calvo says he hopes lawmakers put aside the politics. He said, "We are going to have representation at the public hearing several representatives from our administration and again it will be that consistent message of putting out a hay plan consistent with the intent of when the hay plan was created about modernizing our weigh scales and about parody based on responsibilities and whether it is classified or unclassified whether it is appointed or elected so we look forward to a very productive hearing and taking all of the political rhetoric out of it and focusing the rationale behind the Hay plan."

Then-Acting Governor Ray Tenorio initially introduced Bill 1-8s shortly after the general election and following its passage, signed the measure into law.