Guam - Construction is set to get underway for the Tiyan High gymnasium.  Guam's newest high school has been without since opening its doors last year. Today school officials and elected leaders broke ground on the project.

Associated Body of Students president Jenai Masga said, "Having a new gymnasium for our school means improvement and advancement in school morale we will begin to see more student support and unity when the announcement of our new gymnasium was being built all you would hear from students was its going to be so nice I can't wait for home games pep rallies are going to be so much fun and from there you can see students uniting."

The new gym will span 16,000 square feet of which 9,000 square feet of the space will be for the actual gym while the rest of the space will be for girls and boys locker and shower rooms. The gym will feature retractable bleachers for 800 students, one full basketball court and two half courts as well as a designation for volleyball. It is scheduled to be completed on September 30.