Guam - He's only been on the job for a few months now, and this morning the new director of Joint Guam Program Forward Office wanted to introduce himself to the mayors of Guam. Commander Daniel Schaan has been in the military for 25 years and is a native of North Dakota. Schaan told mayors he looks forward to working with them as they navigate the journey toward the buildup.

"I look forward to engagement with you, I'm very big on transparency, I'm very big on open and honest communication, there will be things where we will have common thoughts and decisions on and there will be things we will have differing optics on and I look forward to that engagement and that conversation one thing you will always hear from me is the commitment to core values which is honor, courage and commitment and those are my guiding principles," he told KUAM News.

Commander Schaan reported to Naval Base Guam as the director (forward) for JGPO in October last year. He told mayors to expect the Final Supplemental Environmental Impact Statement to be released in early 2015 with the Record of Decision to follow shortly thereafter.