Guam - How long have you had to wait in line to renew your driver's license? We all have our stories, but upgrades are underway to not only speed up the process in getting your license but to ensure better security as well.

The Guam Driver's License and ID Card Branch was closed last Friday but all for good reason. "Basically it's to update our system," said Department of Revenue & Taxation director John Camacho. "It's really to getting closer to comply with the federal Real ID Act to make a lot of adjustments to our system."  Camacho says employees were attending a two-day training as part of becoming federally compliant with the real id act. The coordinated effort by the states and the feds is aimed at improving the reliability and accuracy of state-issued identification documents.

"Part of this will be issuing new drivers license with more security features making it hard to duplicate and more information stored in the drivers' license and those are the things we are looking at," he said.

The Real ID Act covers 56 jurisdictions including all 50 states, the District of Columbia, Guam and the CNMI. "Part of it will be implemented this coming Tuesday, so basically, there's going to be some new procedures and that's the whole thing about the training as far as documentation, that's going to be practically the same," he added.

The new design won't affect those who currently hold a Guam Driver's License or ID nor will it affect the costs. "It's still subject by the law, you still have the option of when you renew it you take the three year or the five year 0712 three year is the $25 and five year is the $45 that we have currently," he said.

And along with safety and security, the upgrades will also result in a faster system and processing time. "We're trying to expand our online services 0804 part of these upgrades will make it available for the tax payers out there to go online and preregister whether they're coming in for a renewal or getting a Guam ID," he said.

And while the new licenses won't be issued until a few weeks from now, the upgrades internally will begin by Tuesday. "This is great, this is something we've been working on not just recently but several years now to be federally compliant with the Real ID Act, so this is something that is ongoing," Camacho said.

The Guam Driver's License and ID Card Branch reopens on Tuesday.