Guam - A former Guam Police Department officer accused of operating a fully functional marijuana grow operation in his Dededo home is sentenced in court today along with his commonlaw wife.

As a GPD officer, Roy Pablo was entrusted to serve and protect the people of Guam.

But according to Superior Court Presiding Judge Alberto Lamorena, that trust was betrayed when Pablo would report for duty under the influence of marijuana.

Lamorena said, "You were a police officer. You swore when you were sworn in that you will well and faithfully support the laws of Guam and discharge your duties as a Guam Police officer you failed to do that. During your testimony you even admitted that before you went to work, you smoked marijuana almost every day. Right before you went to work."

Although Pablo pleaded guilty to official misconduct, a superior court jury found him guilty for the remaining charges relative to him, his commonlaw wife Ah Rum Kim, and his brother in law Stephen operating a fully functional marijuana grow operation in their Dededo home.

Lamorena said, "You offered your home as a haven for people that you knew were growing marijuana and other types of drugs to individuals. You knew that. That showed in the evidence. How could you ignore that?"

His poor judgement will cost him a total of eight years behind bars with credit for time served.

Meanwhile, the court granted more leniency to Pablo's wife, Ah Rum Kim who will spend two years behind bars.

Although Pablo will be incarcerated immediately, Kim has asked the court to delay her imprisonment as she continues to breastfeed their infant child. As a result, Kim will self surrender at a later time. Her next court appearance is a status hearing set for February 25th. Overall, both Pablo and Kim agree - their children are the victims of their drug addiction.

Pablo said, "The people who my actions have taken the most toll upon are my children I did not ever stop to realize that until I couldn't be with them."

Kim said, "I know I did wrong and I didn't realize it would hurt anyone, but it did, especially my children it took myself to coming to the correctional facility to understand and realize that I had made one of the biggest mistakes of my life."

As founder of the Adult Drug Court, Lamorena hopes this case will prompt action among law enforcement agencies and their drug testing policies.

Lamorena said, "I hope that the Guam Police Department and other law enforcement agencies have reviewed their drug testing policy because you were a Guam Police officer for seven years. You've been smoking for seven years. And you were not drug tested for seven years which I find totally amazing especially in law enfacement."