Guam - It's something you think you'll only see in movies...a bank robbery where others take the fall and the real robbers get away without a trace.

However one man's conscience leads him to come clean and fess up to the crime.

Irvin White III told police he wanted to right a wrongful deed he committed - that back in February 2014, he and two others robbed the Yigo Bank of Guam at gunpoint and made off with over $11,000 in cash.

In his confession, he implicates his father, Jackery White who served as the getaway driver and Edward Baza Jr. who served as the gunman - all three were arrested last Thursday and appeared before Magistrate Judge Alberto Tolentino on Saturday afternoon where they were formally charged.

"Edward Naputi Baza the people are charging you with robbery as a second degree felony," said Tolentino. "With a special allegation of possession and use of a deadly weapon in commission of a felony and conspiracy to commit robbery. Irvin Muna White III, the people are charging you with conspiracy to commit robbery, robbery, both as second degree felonies. Jackery White, the people of Guam are charging you with conspiracy to commit robbery, robbery with guilt established by complicity both as second degree felonies."

So how did the robbery unfold? Court documents state that Jackery White was the mastermind of it all and that the three would meet at his Dededo ranch a week before the heist to plan it. Baza would volunteer to get the gun, Jackery would be the getaway driver, and Irvin would collect the cash and place it in a backpack strapped to his chest.

A week later, their plans materialized and they picked the Yigo Bank of Guam for its location - secluded and surrounded by jungle, they had many escape routes to choose from.

As seen on surveillance footage, Baza dressed in all black wearing a Spiderman mask and Irvin dressed in a florescent shirt and a black mask. The two men entered the bank after Jackery gave the all clear. Jackery would stay parked in the jungle area behind the bank in his silver single cab ford ranger and wait for the two to return.

It would've been a clean escape had Baza not dropped a magazine from his 9mm pistol on the way out. Although Irvin picked it up as they continued running for the jungle, little did they know a single 9mm cartridge had ejected.

Before heading back to the ranch to change and divide the loot, they stopped at the store to buy drinks. Although police state they were never able to recover the stolen money, white indicates they split the cash almost equally between the three and that he spent his share to buy "ice" and deposited the remaining $600 into his checking account.

Court documents also state the men wanted to hit the Bank of Hawaii in Tamuning next because that's where Baza worked as a maintenance worker and he knew the layout of the building.

All three men remain behind bars on one-million dollars cash bail. Assistant AG Jesse Nasis said, "The people are recommending $1 million cash bail for each of the defendants for the reason that they pose a serious danger to the community. This case involves the robbery of the Bank of Guam in Yigo where each of the three defendants wore masks, entered the bank armed with a gun while the employees and patrons of that bank were inside. The defendants Jackery White and Irvin White admitted to being involved in the robbery and in those confessions, they identified Baza as the gunman."

Tolentino said, "Given the nature and the facts of the case, the court agrees with the government's recommendation of $1 million in cash."

Their arrests are a surprising twist of events as last year four men were arrested in connection to the bank robbery.

As we've been reporting, Jathan Tedtaotao was the first man to confess to the heist where he identified himself and Ricky Mcintosh Jr. as the gunmen, Vincent Santos as the getaway driver, and Antonio Quitugua the lookout before the robbery occurred.

Because Tedtaotao failed to testify against his co-defendants, McIntosh, Santos, and Quitugua were acquitted of the robbery charges but remain behind bars for other cases.

Tedtaotao was sentenced to ten years behind bars for the bank robbery .But according to Irvin White, Tedtaotao had nothing to do with the heist. The Attorney General's Office is currently looking into the matter.