Guam - It's a surprising twist of events.

Last year, four men were arrested in connection to the Yigo Bank of Guam robbery, three of which were acquitted of the charges.

Now almost a year later, one man comes forward and implicates himself and two others in the heist.

It was in February 2014 two armed men came into the Yigo branch, demanded money from bank tellers, and ran off with an estimated $11,000 from teller drawers.

On Thursday night, police were back at the scene and with the help of two new suspects, performed a re-enactment of the almost year-old heist.

GPD spokesperson Officer AJ Balajadia said, "Irvin White who's currently in jail for the Days Inn robbery that happened last month, requested to meet with detectives at CID 0023 he voluntarily gave information in regards to the Yigo Bank of Guam robbery where he implicated himself as well as Edward Baza and his father, Jackery White, in the robbery as well."

Irvin White III however, never implicates Jathan Tedtaotao, the first man to come forward confessing to the robbery.

As we've been reporting, Tedtaotao told police that he and Ricky Mcintosh Jr. robbed the bank at gunpoint while Vincent Santos served as the getaway driver and Antonio Quitugua the lookout before the robbery occurred.

"The detectives believe Jathan gave information last year implicating himself as well as other people in the robbery and made some allegations that were not correct and not true. Mostly was circumstantial and there was enough at that time to charge the individuals based on the information given to the detectives. We felt we had a strong case at the time," said Office Balajadia.

All four men were arrested, but because Tedtaotao failed to testify on the stand against his alleged co-conspirators, McIntosh, Santos, and Quitugua were acquitted of the charges. The three remain behind bars for other cases.

With White's recent confession, Balajadia says they are building up a stronger case.

"The detectives were able to determine that Baza and Irvin White were the two that entered the bank and robbed the bank while Jackery was the getaway driver," he explained. "With that and some evidence they were able to collect, they were able to charge the three men in regards to the robbery at Bank of Guam."

Irvin White III, Jackery White, and Edward Naputi Baza Jr. will appear before a magistrates judge Saturday afternoon where they will be formally charged for the bank robbery.

Police confirm the case remains open, and would not disclose whether more arrests are pending.

But what about the stolen money? Not a penny of the estimated $11,000 in cash has yet to be recovered.