Guam - After failing to meet quorum last month, the Chamorro Land Trust Commission is meeting tomorrow with the hopes of approving the rules and regulations for commercial leases - an effort over 20 years in the making. Department of Land Management director Mike Borja says it is very likely the commission will approve the draft rules.

"So we want to get these rules and regulations in place so there is a level playing ground and everyone knows what is expected of them if they are looking to get Chamorro Land Trust property for the use of commercial purposes and it is a quite transparent thing so that no one person can come in and just say I want this for my use, it will go open for anyone that's interested for that particular plot of land and then we'll look for the best use of that Chamorro Land Trust," he said.

The CLTC will meet Tuesday at one in the afternoon on the third floor of the ITC Building.