Guam - During the holiday season we can only hope we don't hear such terrible news.

But for a pair of children they hadn't seen their mother for days - prompting police intervention.

32-year-old Latoya Chandler was arrested and charged with child abuse after police paid a visit to her home and didn't find her there.

Instead, they found her 9-year-old son, 2-year-old daughter, and Nathan Winis - the adult who called the cops.

When interviewed by police, the 9-year-old reported he was watching his toddler sister and that they were hungry and had not seen their mother in days.

That's when the boy asked Winis to use his phone saying he no longer wanted to stay at the Harmon apartment.

Although the apartment had running power and water, it was in no way suited for children as police observed a strong odor of urine and body odor and a look into the fridge revealed only a single packet of hot dogs with no other food or drinks.

Although Winis had fed the children in the meantime, he too confirmed the mother was nowhere to be found.

Although there was another adult male in the house, he was paralyzed and confined to a wheelchair.

Chandler was booked and confined.