Guam - Families were reunited with their children after a hike to the Pagat Cave area went awry. "He text me gave me a wrong text and later on somebody called me and said they saw my  vehicle back there so I came a here and rescue was already here," explained Verden Perez.

He thought his son was going to the movies Sunday night, but instead he was among a group of teenagers that got lost in the Pagat Cave area. "My son's friends decided to go hiking and they got stuck down there overnight. For a good 12 hours they didn't' have ay flashlight, nothing," he shared.

The high school students called E-911 just after 8' clock in the evening. Guam Fire Department spokesperson Lieutenant Ed Artero says rescue crews were searching throughout out the evening and found the teenagers early Monday morning. Artero added, "They were instructed last night to stay in one place, but apparently they got too far off. Pagat is an area that should only be hiked in the daylight hours. You should not plan to go in there if you're not going to be able to get out of there by 5pm. 

Thankfully it's a happy ending to what could have been a tragic story. None of the teens were injured, but according to Perez he will be having a conversation with his son. "He's grounded now for the whole year," he said.