Guam - According to Governor Eddie Calvo it is yet another sign of the island's thriving economy, a $15 million federal investment in the heart of Tamuning.

In the coming weeks the Federal Bureau of Investigations, and components of the US Department of Homeland Security will move into the new ICE/FBI joint facility in Tamuning. The new state of the art, 30,000 square foot facility is a joint venture of Calvo Enterprises and Shangri-La Industries out of Los Angeles, California. The two companies came together under Micronesia CSL Development.  

Calvo Enterpises vice president Leonard Calvo said, "As landlords we look forward to a long partnership and will support the mission anyway we can."

It's a mission according to ICE Enforcement and Removal Operation's Vida Ada Leon Guerrero, to ensure national security and public safety by identifying, arresting and removing all those who defy the integrity of US immigration laws. "Our new office will be the center of our commitment to achieve and support the mission and goals that we have at hand," she explained.

Under a long term lease with the General Services Agency, the Tamuning facility will house the US Department of Homeland Security, Immigration and Customs Enforcement components such as enforcement and removal operations and Homeland Security investigations and the Federal Bureau of Investigations. According to Governor Eddie Calvo the $15 million dollar development project demonstrates the commitment to deter and interdict illegal activity in the Asia Pacific Region, it is also symbolizes Guam's growing partnership with the federal government.

He said. "With this partnership there was has been this tremendous  progress such as the interdiction of crime particularly in the area such as drugs where we've some major, major busts over these past few years."

Aside from this partnership - the multimillion dollar project also showcases the talent and  acumen of our homegrown business leaders.  Hawaii's FBI special agent in charge Wayne Wills said, "And what you've built for us and meeting you Leonard years ago when we did the design phase in Honolulu I said wow this guy is the right guy and throughout that has been echoed within our ranks," he said.

The project was designed by rim architects and was constructed by Webcor Builders of California with tenant improvements completed by Tutujan Hill Group.  After completing the accreditation process, the building will achieve LEED Silver Certification.