Guam - After nearly four months since the fatal hit and run occurred, the Guam Police Department has finally made an arrest.

24-year-old nana Neen Masaichy was visiting her family in Guam when her life was suddenly cut short.

She was just on her way back from a quick trip to the grocery store across the street from her auntie's house when she was hit by a drunk driver who fled the scene.

Immediately after the fatal hit and run GPD announced a man had turned himself in - but no arrest was made, that is until now.

"At around 845 today officers from the Highway Patrol Division arrested James Sablan Cruz for the following offenses  vehicular homicide, reckless driving with injuries, leaving the scene  of a crash with injuries , and dui with injuries," explained acting police spokesperson Officer Paul TapaoCruz told police he drank five cans of beer before the incident occurred.

The question however is what took the police so long to make an arrest, if they already had a confession?

"Under the guidance of the Attorney General's Office we still needed to put the reconstruction together you got to understand the severity of the crash it is a fatality and when you're doing fatalities our reconstruction of the Highway Patrol Division they have to reenact what happened by piecing the evidence such as the vehicle and doing crash scene measurements at the scene and that adds up to more on scene investigation, reconstruction and of course measurements," he said.

It's not clear if it will take the same amount of time for police to make an arrest in the most recent fatal hit and run involving three teenagers who were hit by a car in Yigo almost two weeks ago.  According to a relative, the girls-who are best friends-were walking home to Agafa Gumas after visiting a friend in the Gill Baza Subdivision.

 Tapao said, "It's being actively investigated by a joint effort with our crash investigators from HPD along with our CID investigators both the Property and Crimes Against People and Juvenile Investigators and their assisting in this investigation we do have as stated earlier in earlier portions of the investigation we do have a person of interest however due to the lengthy investigation of more interviews and the reconstruction that needs to be done at the crash scene we're still waiting on that to develop."