Guam - How do you envision our island over the next five decades? That's what the Imagine Guam program, recently enacted through executive order, hopes to find out.  

Governor Eddie Calvo's former director of communications Troy Torres is taking on a new role that allows him to take a glimpse into our future. "The thing about it is it's a really monumental thing that's going to be happening and we know we will be successful because we have every intention of involving and making this a vision that starts from the community not from us," he explained.

Torres was recently appointed as the senior advisor to the governor on planning and strategic vision and the chairman of the steering committee for Imagine Guam. Torres said, "Imagine Guam if I were to explain it in a nutshell would be the community's vision of Guam over the next 50 years that would be built by the ingenuity and the hard work of students in today's classrooms and students who haven't even born yet who will be educated in a way that says here is what we want Guam to look like, here are the industries, this is how we imagine our health as a community, the percentage of our population who speaks fluent Chamorro, is it the language that we converse with all the time 0053 this is what the arts looks like."

The program was created back in September through an executive order. The program involves a 50-year strategic vision which includes the growth and birth of industries, population and resource management, cultural advancement, infrastructure development and everything that can dictate the growth of the community. The Guam Economic Development Authority is tasked with facilitating the planning.

Board chairman EJ Calvo said, "This plan has to be all inclusive, it's created by the residents of Guam, thinking about what type of Guam we want to live in the future and what's best for our industries and culture."

GEDA deputy administrator Mana Silva Taijeron says the first order of business for the steering committee is to recommend names for the Imagine Guam policy team. "And those individuals would represent different sectors of the community, people who are experts and people who might have an idea of how Guam would grow over the next several decades so people with good intentions and good ideas who really have a passion and heart for Guam," she said.

Imagine Guam should be conducting community outreach events within the next 12 months.