Guam - The Guam Regional Transit Authority may have started off in a new direction, but apparently they're making a u-turn. At the start of the new work week, the agency will be slamming the brakes on its recently implemented pilot program.

GRTA executive manager Ric San Agustin explained, saying, "Starting at 5:30 in the morning Monday the 1st of December we're going to go back to the old schedule, the old schedule as depicted on this board starts at 5;30 in the morning and the last run the last pick up of customers is at 7:30 at night and then it takes an hour before the last customer is dropped off , so basically we're just reverting back to the old schedule and there's not cut in the old schedule it remains as the old schedule."

The pilot program was implemented less than two months ago. Aside from a lack of funding to continue, San Agustin admits it was a failed experiment. He clarifies that it was only a pilot program and was not meant to be permanent. He adds they will take the lessons learned and apply it further down the road.

"Hopefully when we award the multi-step bid we will award the contract with ht service provider and then we can improve our service," he added.

Under the pilot program GRTA provided additional routes and extended service hours, but because the agency doesn't have the funds to keep it running it reverts back to the old schedule which operates fifteen hours a day with no service on weekends and holidays.