Guam - Do you have an interesting business idea but lack the direction and experience necessary to see it through fruition?  For $60, the team at Startup Weekend Guam can help jumpstart your journey to success. Students can take part in the festivities for only $30.

The fee covers meals for the entirety of the conference, as Jaedene Tenorio, head organizer, said, "Startup Weekend is basically an event where you come for 54 hours and the ultimate goal is for you to walk away knowing how to launch your own business". She added, "You'll walk away having a new network of people you didn't have when you first walked in the door, knowledge and skills about business that you didn't know, so that's our main goal for the weekend."

Startup Weekend Guam takes place at the University of Guam School of Business and Public Administration. The three day event runs from November 14-16 and is available for registration now. UOG student and Startup Guam staffer Jose Untalan participated in a similar seminar in manila and praised the effectiveness of the experience for promising entrepreneurs. He explained, "Our partner, she actually just submitted her application to the iTunes App Store. She got third place in the competition so it really pushes people to go through with their ideas."

Untalan also said, "Basically it's a grind all weekend. You continuously work with your team - go through all the details as much as possible and when it comes time for presentation on Sunday, you have something really concrete and strong to present to our panel of investors."

Startup Guam is part of a global movement aimed at ensuring that anyone can experience entrepreneurship, no matter their background. Although the conference is being held at the University of Guam, degrees or business experience are not necessary for participation or success. Whether it be a t-shirt idea, a mobile app, or even a specialized food truck, all ideas are welcome.

 (JV Aguon, a Startup Guam staffer, told KUAM News, "For Startup Weekend, all you need is a good idea. We are inviting all graphic designers, web developers...  you don't have to actually have business experience - we help with that. That's the main goal of Startup Weekend." Tenorio added, "I feel like people only think it's a university event, but its open for everyone -- the youngest participant was 6 years old in a previous Startup Weekend Event."

Registration for the event continues on until November 14, but securing a spot by registering soon is advised.

To buy a ticket you can visit their event page or visit them on Facebook.