Guam - If you take a drive around the island chances are you will come across eyesores such as couches, refrigerators, and washing machines discarded in the jungle or on the side of the road. Sadly many residents don't know what to do with their large bulky household items so in many cases they end up on the side of the road or left to rot outside a home but according to Guam Solid Waste Authority public information officer Alicia Fejeran discarding these items in this manner is not an option island residents should take.

"Bulk waste collection program we provide to customers and non-customers if you are a customer of the Guam Solid Waste Authority you will receive two free appointments per year and we will collect up to five items of household appliances or furniture," she explained.

That's 10 bulky items a year that can be removed for free. Household items such as mattresses, refrigerators, washing machines, air conditioners, dryers and couches are acceptable items. "If you want an additional collection you are charged $25 if you are a non customer you can receive the services for $25 also," said Fejeran.

Fejeran says many people do not have the means of removing these items themselves or taking it to a recycling center or disposal center and with the bulk waste removal program getting rid of these eye sores is as easy as picking up a phone, noting, "So we are able to provide that for them we also recycle as much of this material as we can so whatever items mainly the metallic items we take it over to a recycling center for it to be recycled."

So if you have large bulky household items you would like to get rid of rather than discarding them in our islands environment give Guam Solid Waste a call at 646-3111 to schedule a pick up date.