Guam - It's considered a world class event and next week close to 100 off-island investors will be making their way to Guam to take part in the first ever Guam Economic Symposium.

The time is now to invest in Guam, as GEDA deputy administrator Mana Silva Taijeron said, "Looking into the future, we'll be seeing exponential growth in the coming years." She explained that next week's symposium is the perfect chance to get involved and grow with Guam. "As you know in the last several years, we've been going on trade mission, meeting with investors and talking about some investment opportunities on Guam  well this is the culmination of all the hard work we've done in the last several years we're inviting those investors from on-island and off-island to come over here and we give a real overview of all the opportunities whether it be in manufacturing, in construction, we focus of course on tourism and military buildup and a lot of the emerging markets that will be highlighted in the coming years."

GEDA along with the Guam Visitors Bureau will host the three day event at the Hyatt Regency. Close to 100 investors from Asia and the US will be in attendance including keynote speaker Joshua Cooper Ramo - the vice president of Kissinger Associates and a director of the Starbucks and FedEx corporations. "His field of expertise is in the China Market," Taijeron added. "As you know, we're really reaching out to expand our market into China so he'll talk to investors and business folks about how can we tap into the market and benefit really from the growth and expansion of China."

Esther Kia'aina will also return to her place of birth - her first trip since being confirmed as the assistant secretary of the u-s department of interior for insular areas. "She should be talking on a lot of the investment opportunities we're hoping she'll address the Jones Act in our efforts to make adjustments in that regards and also talk about foreign trades zones and that's something that's a big potential for Guam so we want to tap into that areas as well," Taijeron said.

Among the discussion will include Guam's strategic plan for visitor industry growth, the potential of real estate investment on Guam, and other topics relevant to Guam's economic growth and development. For more information or to register go to