Guam - Is he a threat to the community?

Earlier today the Superior Court placed Guam Police officer Paul Santos on house arrest today.

The supervised release came with contention however as the government noted that one of the two victims Santos is alleged to have sexually assaulted is petrified he'll use his connections to contact her.

According to the AG's Office, they have a strong case against the defendant as he spoke openly with the FBI and discovery shows Santos sent graphic content to the females via text messaging while on-duty.

Defense attorney Jeff Moots questions the strength of the government's case alleging there was misconduct on the FBI's end. He also states there's nothing illegal about sexual text messages that were consensual.

Santos was arrested in September accused of raping a woman and threatening to use his powers as a police officer to put her behind bars for prostitution.

He's also accused of forcing himself on another woman back in July.

Santos is slated for trial next June.