Guam - While many prison officials celebrated their promotions today, a top DOC officer announces his retirement.

Director Jose San Agustin confirms prison warden Frank Crisostomo will be retiring at the end of November.

This news follows an investigation of the warden and another DOC officer and their involvement in a prisoner caught on camera climbing a flagpole.

"The investigation with the warden is a done deal. I'm not pursuing the investigation. The warden had decided to retire. so he submitted his retirement and its' going to be effective if I'm not mistaken the 28th of November. So with that I decided not pursue anymore. I was able to identify the individuals that were responsible with regards to the flagpole issue," he said.

The flagpole incident wasn't the first time Crisostomo was under investigation. Earlier this year, he was also placed on admin leave accused of accepting bribes for favors. Following the IA, he was cleared of any wrongdoings.