Guam - It was back in December a superior court jury found Anthony Campos guilty of robbing the Route 8 Mini Mart and employees of the Sinajana Payless, but today appealed the case before Supreme Court justices. 

As defense attorney Jay Arriola argued, the government presented a superseding indictment against his client the day before the trial. Although his client was anticipating trial for only the Mini Mart robbery, Arriola states the superseding indictment combined the Payless robberies as well and was provided too little notice to object to the consolidation.

Arriola also argued that defense wasn't provided all the photo lineups that were presented by witnesses. Lastly, defense argued that third degree robbery should have been provided to the jury as a lesser included offense.

As we've been reporting it was exactly one year ago Campos was arrested in connection to the robberies which were just days apart.

The appeal was taken under advisement.