Guam - Prior to 2010 certain employees who had direct contact with clients at the Guam Behavioral Health and Wellness Center were eligible for hazardous pay but according to director Rey Vega an opinion from the Department of Administration stating  they did not meet the requirements put an end to that compensation.

He told KUAM News, "I can tell you that we have been working with Senator [Dennis] Rodriguez's office about the hazardous pay for  employees who have direct contact with clients our clients are unique some are unpredictable by the nature of their condition so some employees have been asking if they entitled to hazardous pay so."

Legislation has been introduced putting hazardous pay back on the table. Vega says they would like to identify those hazardous situations adding that the legislation would involve working with DOA and the Civil Service Commission to develop the guideline on how to implement the hazardous pay for qualifying employees.