Guam - He's a Superior Court of Guam employee, but today he appeared as a defendant in a drug case.  

22-year-old Bradley Aflague was arrested and charged with possession of a Schedule II Controlled Substance.

His arrest stems from an ongoing investigation at the superior court.

"14 detectives from the Guam Police Department were conducting follow up interviews relative to the theft of property complaint that was initiated by the Superior Court relative also to the missing evidence," said GPD spokesman Office Paul Tapao.

KUAM News broke the story last month 13.5 grams of crystal meth used as evidence in a drug case over the summer disappeared. Tapao added, "I think with the court procedures they had a list of who was in the proximity or who handles the area of the courts  I don't have all the information that he was listed as one of the names of persons of interest with the investigation he was cooperative with the investigators with the case."

So cooperative, according to court documents Aflague consented to allow detective to search his vehicle. "The detective had utilized GPD's drug detecting dogs. The dogs detected positive detection for possible illegal drugs a possible hit a more detailed search was conducted by assisting officers."

Tapao says a crystalline substance was found in a plastic baggie it tested presumptive positive for .2 grams of suspected methamphetamine. Aflague was subsequently arrested on charges of illegal possession of a scheduled two controlled substance and appeared in court this afternoon before Judge Alberto Tolentino.

He said, "Mr. Aflague the court will release you on a $5,000 performance bond. You're released on the condition that you come to all your court hearings. You're also released on the condition that you do not possess any firearms or deadly weapons. That you not possess or consume any alcohol or illegal drugs. You'll have to submit to submit for random testing for drugs and alcohol. Submit to a search of your house, your car, or yourself for illegal drugs or alcohol."

Aflague denied knowledge of the items in his car while his parents, who are the registered owners of the vehicle, were also contacted and denied knowledge of the suspected drugs.  Although he was interviewed in connection to the missing meth case at the Superior Court his arrest was only for possessing suspected ice in his car and not for the actual theft at the court. Officer Tapao says that case remains under investigation.  KUAM meanwhile has  learned that following his arrest, Aflague was terminated from the court where he is listed on a staffing pattern as a data entry clerk.