Guam - Just today the Guam Regional Transit Authority implemented a new busing schedule but already their constituents are growing concerned.

The new bus schedule adds three new routes and extending hours as part of their pilot program but many transit riders are sharing their concerns. Riders like Frank Ungacta don't feel properly notified, as he said, "If it was the staff and management of the company that I take in the morning or night of my return nobody has told me or notified me that there is anything posted in the bus."

He along with other riders are confused and unsure finding their only option is to sit and wait not knowing when the next bus will arrive. Transit rider Dave Borja said, "The changes in the transit schedules I heard that it was effective today the schedule has been changed but this is my first time riding on this new schedule but whatever the schedule was it was still better way before. Actually I didn't know that the bus schedule changed today until somebody told me but before I remember that it runs stops at 11:30 and then the next run is at 3:30 so I was just killing time here waiting til 3:30 until somebody told me to come out here because the bus might come early but so far its not here yet so maybe its back to 3:30 again."

According to Ungacta the new schedule runs from 5:30 in the morning to 1:30 at night with a break between 12:30 and 2:30 in the afternoon which has riders like Borja and Ungacta inconvenienced. "Its inconvenient because besides myself there is some people that have appointments like 2pm 1pm you know but the bus does not run in that time you know and it is very inconvenient speaking for myself its very inconvenient," he said.

"It does I find tomorrow I will be riding the bus at 5:30 in the morning I mean I still have to make a schedule even though I am a subscriber because I have dialysis three times a week so I have a subscribed ride already but I still have to call in to catch a ride for me at 5:30 on the GTS schedule so for me I have to call just to get a ride a day after," he added.

Ungacta says that he was informed that the pilot program  was originally suppose to run with no breaks in between allowing rider to catch the bus every fifteen minutes if riding a fixed route and while the hours have been extended riders say it is only partially convenient. "The extended hours is great if this program is going to last more than 30 days because from what I am hearing right now it is only going to go to the 31st the original pilot program was suppose to go three months and from what I hearing now its only going to go until November 31st," he said.

Other growing concerns riders are having is that if you are not on a fixed route then using the transit is out of the question as pick up and drop offs are only at the bus stations.