Guam - It was initially supposed to be done on Monday, but due to Typhoon Vongfong, the Department of Administration instead will be mailing out tax refunds today. DOA director Benita Manglona says about 3,800 checks were mailed out covering almost all of Status-A filers all the way through April 30.

Manglona told KUAM News, "We paid over about $136 million to date but those include the tax payers that have not filed for many years and now they're current so we've seen a lot more compliance in tax payers filing their taxes on time especially if they're getting a refund."

October 15 will march the government's deadline to meet the permanent injunction in paying out tax refunds within six months from the April 15 filing deadline. Manglona says while they have met and exceeded the mandate, it was not necessary as the administration has always been adamant to make tax refunds a priority. She attributes this to strict fiscal discipline and good cash management.