by Sabrina Salas Matanane

Guam - 
With Tropical Storm Vongfong moving to our area and damaging winds and rains expected in 48 hours, Governor Eddie Calvo and Deputy Commander of Joint Region Marianas  Brig. General Andrew Toth
have declared Guam and Joint Region Marianas in Condition of Readiness 3 (COR3). According to Guam Homeland Security/ Civil Defense island  residents should take advantage of weekend weather to prepare for what is expected-to-be dangerous weather starting tomorrow night.

 Tropical Storm Vongfong could even be a typhoon by the time it comes closest to us. Although the current forecast has the storm moving north of us that can change as well.

The current National Weather Service forecast would bring Vongfong to the vicinity of the Mariana Islands by Sunday evening into Monday morning. 

Maximum sustained winds have increased to 50mph. The storm could become a typhoon. According to NWS Meteorologist Chip Guard, Guam can expect sunny weather conditions until late Sunday afternoon or early Sunday evening. The Governor is encouraging all Guamanians to take advantage of weekend weather conditions and make some improvements around the house that also will prepare you in case dangerous weather conditions do hit the island:

·        Take care of the yard today or tomorrow, and storing objects in the yard that can fly with heavy wind

·        Gas your car and get fuel for your generators

·        Stock up on non-perishable foods (like can goods) and drinking water

·        Get batteries for flashlights and batter-operated radios. It is important that you have a battery-operated radio

·        Get your shutters ready. You may need to put them up based on more information we will have this afternoon about this potential storm