Guam - Later this month, close to two dozen international security specialists are set to pay the island - all with the goal of promoting peace, prosperity and the security of people in the Asia Pacific Region.

It was considered the first of its kind last year when the Guam US Asia Security Alliance better known as GUASA hosted a conference featuring a dozen distinguished intelligence analysts. GUASA board member John Thomas Brown said, "Roundtable 1 was floated with a number of security analysis tint he united sates with the idea that we would talk about regional security in terms of the rebalance, the pivot to the Pacific and just what that means."

And the non-profit, non-partisan private organization hopes to repeat that success again with a second conference later this month. Brown continued, "This year we're getting on with the vision that we had when we got started which is to engage in transnational dialogue, multinational dialogue with our neighbors so we can all know what it is what we want, how we're going to work together to get it and how far everyone is willing to go with it."

The conference this year is titled "Asia Pacific Security: Regional Commons, Sovereign Interests." And whereas last year featured strictly imminent US security analysts, this time around there will be close to two dozen experts from Australia, Japan, Malaysia, Philippines, South Korea, Vietnam and the US again. Brown said, "We have an opportunity to do something that has never been done before on Guam."

And according to GUASA member Carl Peterson, its considered a rare event for a private business sector organization unrelated to the military, government, or think tank to host such a conference. "In other words, they're coming here without being paid, they're coming here because they believe in this issue, that they must have an opportunity to talk about these issues off the government grid because if its government protocol there's a whole different way of do it 0704 but they can talk frankly and unfettered," he explained.

The second annual GUASA Conference is set for October 16 and 17 at the Hotel Nikko Guam. For more information log on to