Guam - Taking the feds to court happened to be on the list of the Governor's Achievable Agenda 2014. It was during his State of the Island Address earlier this year when the governor announced Senator Chris Duenas would be introducing a bill to authorize him to sue the feds to acknowledge morally and financially its decades of contribution to hazardous waste at the Ordot Dump. The governor's director of communications Troy Torres was at the Legislature this morning.

"This among other things would allow us to go in and hold the federal government accountable for the toxic waste that they've dumped into the Ordot Dump that now the people of Guam are now going to have to pay millions and millions of dollars which translates into possibly $100 a month in tipping fees that the people of Guam would have to pay and who can afford that, no one can afford that," he said.

Bill 281 again was voted back to committee.