Guam - It was earlier this month when the Democratic Party of Guam's Central Executive Committee adopted its 2014 platform. And today, just as its national committeeman is on island, the party officially unveiled its plan for action for the people of Guam.

They consider themselves the party of the people and today the Democratic Party of Guam officially unveiled "Ideas That Will Work" otherwise known as its 2014 platform. Party chairman Rory Respicio says the process by which the platform was adopted is what sets it apart, saying, "But I think in terms of adopting the platform where it was driven by the grassroots effort consistent with how we determined our candidates is something that's going to bode very well and I believe the people of Guam will see this is a people power movement."

According to Respicio, this is first time the party has adopted a platform since the 1970's election. The unveiling of the platform coincided with national committeeman and Ready for Hillary organizer Arrington Dixon who is on Guam this week. He says those with a plan not only will succeed but will be more powerful. "A platform is a plan, a plan of action a direction and if you have a plan, there's a great chance that things will happen," he said.

The platform is a plan for action which provides

- Tax incentives for small businesses to create jobs
- More police officers and prosecutors to fight crime
- Support for teachers and comprehensive planning for school construction and repairs
- A rapid response team to meet the infrastructure needs of the villages
- Alternatives to government seizure of land for taxes
- Establish a one stop veterans service center
- Support for the military buildup and utilization of the Guam First Commission to address all concerns
- Action to combat the rhino beetle and other invasive species
- Commitment to fight for war reparations
- Vision 2025 which is a social-economic initiative to plan for the next decade and the Guam 2050 Sustainability Plan to meet the needs of the next generation

"So I think if you separate all the issues, I think everyone wants to do well for the people of Guam but what people and the voters are going to have to see, is whether or not they have a connection to the candidates and I believe they have that connection with democratic candidates because of how we determined our candidates as well as how we adopted our platform," he said.