Guam - It was just last month when the Port Authority held a ribbon cutting for the newly completed Dock "A" at the Agat Marina. And today, a groundbreaking was held to repair two additional docks that were damaged by both Tropical Storm Francisco and most recently Tropical Storm Halong. Board chairman Francisco Santos and general manager Joanne Brown say this is just another step in upgrading the port's facilities.

Santos said, "It's going to be replaced by aluminum slip and when that's finished, we'll have a safe slip and the boat owner will be proud to use this facility," with Brown adding, "We're doing phenomenal things in a short period of time and I think we all need to feel proud of that and take moment like this to reflect on what's good about Guam and how we're continuing to contribute to that process."

This project will replace the existing unsafe wooden finger slip structures of Docks "C" and "D" and a floating dock adjacent to the concrete boat ramp. The project will cost close to $1.6 million and is set for completion by April next year.