Guam - Ahead of a legislative oversight hearing with the Guam Memorial Hospital tomorrow, Adelup today released an extensive paper trail of email exchanges between GMH, Adelup, the Department of Administration, Public Health, and the Bureau of Budget Management & Research. The emails were produced as a result of a Freedom of Information Act request sent by Vice Speaker BJ Cruz. The email exchanges illustrate the constant balancing act to help find funding for the hospital to meet its financial obligations.

Governor Eddie Calvo's communications director Troy Torres said, "What you will see in these emails is nothing we haven't already reported for its that unfortunately there is an issue with maybe its their financial management system ,maybe its that they don't have enough people in their support services to provide the worked that's needed reconcile their accounts to make sure that what they're asking for and there revenues that they need and the liabilities they have are accurate and so as we said its been a daily thing that our fiscal team works with the hospital to reconcile these accounts because we needed an accurate reporting of what's coming out of the hospital ."

The Guam Memorial Hospital is scheduled to appear before the Legislature's Committee on Health. The items on the agenda include discussion on the Skilled Nursing Unit, capital improvement projects and the hospital's finances. The oversight hearing is scheduled for 12:30 in the Legislature's Public Hearing Room.  On a side note, although sources close to the newsroom say GMH CFO Alan Ulrich will be leaving the hospital before the end of this year for personal reasons. Hospital administrator Joseph Verga says he has no announcement to make at this time.