Guam - Tomorrow marks 10 days after the primary election but it is also the due date for all candidates to submit their final election campaign contributions and expenditures report for the primary election. A preliminary report was due shortly before last Saturday's primary. Meanwhile Guam Election Commission executive director Maria Pangelinan says September 9th also marks the deadline for all UOCAVA and military off-island voters to submit their ballots to the GEC via mail.

"So we will on Tuesday at 5:30pm we will invite both Republican and Democratic Party representatives to join us in accounting for the provisional ballots that will be counted and absentee ballots that we will be opening," she said.

These absentee and provisional ballots are the last votes the GEC has to count before certifying the primary election results on Wednesday. Along with certifying the results, the GEC will hold a ballot placement drawing for all candidates running in the general election including the Consolidated Commission on Utilities and the Guam Education Board. The meeting starts at 5:36pm.