Guam - GHURA's main office is going through interior renovations to improve client confidentiality. The renovations to the Guam Housing and Urban Renewal Authority's main building in Sinajana have begun as the construction team has started some of the demolition work.

Director Michael Duenas told KUAM News, "The plan basically is to enable us to bring in the planning office which is currently renting space in the GCIC Building in Agana when the renovations is finished we will have all of the Section 8 staff on the southern end of the building first floor the director's office the conference room will be moved downstairs to the southern side of the building."

But bringing all the agency's departments under one roof creating a more efficient work environment is not the only reason for the renovations. Duenas continued, "We will have individual rooms interview rooms for our staff to work with the families it's a way of improving our security measures all around currently now employees and the families work together out of their cubicles and there is some issues with privacy especially for the families."

At this time when a family comes in for an interview their confidential information is not well protected as the cubicle spaces are not sound proof which means individuals in the area are able to hear what is said between case worker and families, the renovations will ensure that does not happen. "That will be improved and enhanced when the renovation work is finished families will be coming into the lobby area and the interview rooms will be along the lobby area the staff work be isolated and they will be able to work at their work stations and not have to keep their voices down so other families don't hear what they are saying," he said.

In addition to the improved security measures the renovations will also address the leaking ceilings according to Duenas the GHURA office is the only building he is aware of that when it rains the ceiling leaks. What is odd is that is does not leak on the second floor but on the first.

Duenas says he hopes to have all the renovations completed by December.