Guam - At the Calvo-Tenorio headquarters in Anigua last night several candidates gratefully thanked their supporters and looking forward to the general election race to November.

Senatorial candidate Roland Blas said, "We have two more months, I have two more months to work harder, and the last and final game to win for victory. Now it's a new ballgame starting tomorrow when I wake up because now it's seeking everyone. Black or white Christian or protestant. Democrat or Republican. As my slogan said in 2012, 'one Island, One People'. I am ready to be given that seat in the legislature to strive, fight, and stand for one island, one people one paradise."

And Republican congressional candidate Margaret Metcalfe shared, "My platform is multi-pronged. Right now we have major things coming down the pipe but the most important things is that Guam is at a crossroads. It's a critical crossroads we need to determine what we're going to do about how we're perceived by the US. You've seen the number of the statements coming through from our own president challenging us that we may be viewed as second class citizens. This is something that we as a people can't tolerate and that we need to get on the road and start impressing people on the mainland on our importance, Guam's importance to the American and the American way of life."

As we reported only one person running under the Republican banner did not advance to the November election - Romeo Carlos, who ran for senator.