by Sabrina Salas Matanane

Guam - Like their Democrat counterparts, the gubernatorial team of incumbent Eddie Calvo and Ray Tenorio they already advanced to the general election in November. The Republican duo said as they made their rounds during Saturday's primary the crowds were very positive, vibrant and optimistic

The governor said, "I think there's an important story to be told here. It's about a movement - a movement that's encapsulated by all the Republicans. It's not just the Calvo-Tenorio team but it's our candidate for Congress, it's our senatorial slate. This is a team that has excited the people. It goes back to hard work where all the candidates have been meeting with the people. I tell you our pocket meetings these past few months they sure feel like mass meetings."

He also added, "We do believe that with the enthusiasm that's coming out of this team this movement from the results of what we've done as an administration and enhancing the lives of all our people - that's excitement enough for the people to come out for a primary and of course from there build the momentum for November."