Guam - Problems at the Department of Corrections, you could say, are reaching new heights. KUAM News received an anonymous photo, of which agency director Jose San Agustin said, "It's a disturbing picture actually what I see there is an individual a prisoner climbing up a flagpole."

Like KUAM, the director received information that there was a problem with the flagpole rope. "I noticed yesterday on my way in before 10am that the flag was not up on the flagpoles and I did inquire with the warden as to why the flag wasn't up on the flagpoles. I was briefed that the rope was broken and that a rope was going to be replaced   but definitely I wasn't aware that they were going to use a prisoner or person to climb the pole to get the rope replaced," he stated.

After looking at the picture, he immediately launched an investigation to determine who allowed this to happen.  "This particular incident is serious this is something where a person's life is in jeopardy if the person would have fell off the pole it would not have been good," he said.

San Agustin says staff should have known better, adding, "What we would normally do is we would is probably ask GPA or GTA to help us with their pole truck that would be the right way to do things but apparently this one whoever took the initiative to get the rope replaced didn't do the right thing so again I'm very disturbed I'm very disappointed that this kind of action had taken place."

The Department of Corrections is already under scrutiny, not only are their concerns the prison could be placed under federal receivership but as we reported last week the feds filed documents expressing their disappointment with DepCor's lack of engagement in complying with District Court of Guam Chief Judge Frances Tydingco Gatewood's recent order to work together to formulate a plan to provide adequate medical, mental health and dental care to inmates. DOC is scheduled to appear in federal court for a status conference on September 3.