Guam - The Department of Revenue & Taxation paid out more tax refunds last week with more expected before the end of this month. According to deputy director Marie Benito, $6 million in refunds was mailed out last week for those who filed up to February 23 accounting for 2,400 taxpayers. She adds more should be out later this week.

"That will take us up to March 11 and I believe approximately 6,800 taxpayers will be getting a refund," Benito projected. The governor has mentioned it already we had funds from Section 30 through our EIN reconciliation so he's been mentioned that we will be refunding $15 million by the end of the week."

She adds the department is still inline with the permanent injunction to pay off tax refunds within six months after the filing deadline on April 15 which means all refunds must be paid by October 15. Benito says after the $15 million payout, DRT will only have $14 million left in A-Status refunds to pay off. If you have filed before February 23 and haven't received a refund, you're urged to visit the Income Tax Branch or call 635-7618 for assistance.