Guam - After a week in the Committee of the Whole, lawmakers completed discussion on the budget proposal for Fiscal Year 2015. The budget calls for a total General Fund revenue available for appropriation at $648 million with a provision for tax refunds at $118 million. The bill also includes provisions that would appropriate Section 30 funds to pay the remaining 50% of law enforcement pay adjustments along with fully implementing the hay pay raises at 100%. Vice Speaker BJ Cruz, who was overseeing the budget process after Senator Ben Pangelinan passed away this summer, says this substituted budget proposal takes into account the priorities of the government in education, health and public safety. Several lawmakers noted in their closing statements from both parties that this budget bill will be passed and not be vetoed by the governor. The bill is currently under engrossment and will most likely be voted on when lawmakers resume session on Monday at 1:30pm.