Guam - The Inadahen I Lina'la Kotturan Chamoru, Inc. also known as Sagan Kotturan Chamoru is now open. A soft opening was held for the Chamoru Cultural Center yesterday.

Rafael Unpingco is the organization's vice president and said, "What we plan to do with these nine acres and eight houses is to do an art-based cultural center, a Chamorro cultural art center, and help local artist incubate their art and future business endeavors locally."

The center provide various educational and cultural programming for the community that focus on Chamoru culture and language, and will include instruction and apprenticeship programs in various traditional and contemporary art forms such as weaving, carving, body ornamentation, dancing/ chanting and other areas that identify our unique and rich culture. The Chamoru Cultural Center is located at Ypao Point and is open Monday through Saturday from 11am to 6pm. It is closed on Sundays.