Guam - The Guahan Academy Charter School addressed parents last night to bring them up to speed with what's happening with their budget and how it might affect their children. According to GECS principal Donna Dwiggins while the budget is making its way to the legislature the amount that is being requested is below the appropriations needed to properly fund students.

She told KUAM News, "That means that we cannot fulfill the charter as it was originally granted and originally planned and that means that we either will not take kindergarteners in or we have to push kids out at the upper level."

The GACS Council did review and made the recommendation to move the Fiscal Year 2015 budget forward with the appropriation of $5,500 per student as well as setting a cap of 520 students. Dwiggins pleaded with parents to make their voices heard and fight for the appropriation needed to be able to properly educate their students.