Guam - It's mission is to engage youth in a global movement to end gender-based violence and advance gender equality - and it's starting with asking the community to Man-Up.

Monique Baza has turned a negative event in her life in to a positive. She is a survivor of the horrific Crown Bakery sexual assault and robbery case. Instead of remaining silent she is using her experience to help others come forward, saying, "It's okay for you to talk with somebody to know because you might be helping that other person."

Baza is with the RAndom Women's Rally which is an organization that takes a stand against violence and to stop the silence. RaWR as its referred too has launched the Man-Up campaign. "The Man-Up initiative was created because of the huge problems we've been having in the community with crime and a lot of the crimes are being committed as we speak are being committed by boys between the ages of 14, I think that was just this last week, through 21," said Baza.

Like Baza, Corina Fejerang is with RaWR and is part of the mission to create awareness and stop the violence. She said, "When we take a look at the statistics more women are the victims and men are the perpetrators, and we want women in the community are tired of it. We're tired of hearing about women that have been abused and sexually assaulted. The statistics are one out of every three women will be sexually assaulted or raped in their lifetime."

Baza and Corina says the campaign is focusing on the island's youth by incorporating positive male role models in our community to man up and speak with the island's school children.  They are men in the community like MMA fighter Frank "The Crank" Camacho.

"If there is a way that a MMA fighter who keeps it in the cage can find a way to direct the attention of it's not right to hit a girl, or if they became a spokesperson or a spokesperson for not just RaWR but for the whole community and say look what is happening in our society where women are raped and victimized this is incorrect and I want you to know that this is incorrect and these things are wrong. If we can get more men like this and they take the oath and they say that they're going to stand by the woman's side and keep violence out of the home and out of society and when it comes to mixed martial arts to just keep it in the cage," she said.

"So the Man-Up initiative is to basically go into the school go into the community and address these problems bring them to light and show the reality of the problems and focus on the young men that are paying attention to these outside influences that are not allowing them to make the right decisions."

Corina said, "Maybe we can change that young gentleman that will one day grow up but is going to make a totally different result. Let's change that and that's what we want to see."

A little over one dozen men have taken the pledge so far. For more information go to the Man-Up Guam fan page on Facebook