Asha Robles

Guam - As of today, August is now known as National Child Support Awareness Month on Guam. The Attorney General's Child Support Enforcement Division wants to remind parents how important the financial well being of their children is.

Lieutenant Governor Ray Tenorio told KUAM News, "We've got enough support programs we've got the agencies, we've got the professionals, but we got we got to make sure that every person steps up to take care of their children, not just emotionally not just in love but also in finances." Today, a proclamation signing was held at Adelup by Tenorio to kick-off the start of Child Support Awareness Month.

CSE deputy attorney general Nicolas Toft announced, "The idea of Child Support Awareness Month is to highlight the importance of child support not only in the community but like he said with the employers with the attorneys, with everybody involved in the case. Studies show that if you get more people involved in the child's life if you can get the parents involved if you can get the community involved the child has a better chance at success later on in life and so that's what our program has been geared towards."

Attorney General Leonardo Rapadas says that the AG's Office will also host two outreach events during the month of August, which is open to the public. The first will be held at the Agat Senior Citizens Center on Saturday, August 16 from 9am-2pm while the 2nd will take place at the Dededo Senior Citizens Center on the following Saturday, August 23 from 9am-2pm.

"Basically what it is its us kind of showcasing the office, but it's also a chance for citizens, custodial parents to come in and actually apply for child support in our office so we have the facilities to do that. It's been in the planning for several months now and I think we're ready to go," said Rapadas.

In addition to the outreach events being held this month, an employer's symposium will be taken place on Tuesday, August 26 from 8am-5pm at the Guam Community College. "We have one major thing that we do every year which is the employers outreach the employer symposium which is something that we need to do because employers have various responsibilities under the federal law dealing with child support and reporting in new employees so we need to run that every year so that people the employers can come in and understand what their responsibilities are under the child support laws," he said.

Child Support Awareness Month is a project to promote love, support, and stability for our islands children. For those who would like to know more about the upcoming events or about child support services, please call 475-3360.