Guam -
Island Mayors are conducting their assessments of damage from Tropical Storm Halong. Here's the latest information from the Joint Information Center:

The Liberation Carnival: 
Info. from Mayor Hoffman

Carnival is okay. There is some minor damage to some structures and a couple of signs. The carnival will not be open tonight. The Mayor will be out tomorrow to reassess and prep Tiyan to ensure everything is fine to reopen the Carnival.

Agana Heights Mayor Paul McDonald:

Two families are sheltered at the mayor’s office. They’re able to go back home. Major complaints are floods and a lot of downed trees and downed power lines.

Agat Mayor Carol Tayama: 

Flooding and downed lines. Two families went to the office looking for transportation. Several downed trees blocked roads, and manhole lids were popping out of place. Our main concern is flooding on and along roads and public areas.

Asan-Maina Mayor Margaret Blas:

Flooding and downed trees made roads impassable. There also was sewage overflow.

Barrigada Mayor June Blas:

Flooding happened in some homes and roads. Three families had to vacate their homes. Nearby ponding basins weren’t deep enough and were overfilled. These families currently are staying with relatives and will need to find a place to stay when the weather’s better. Their homes were filled with water, mixed with sewage. Refrigerators are floating in one home. Need money to fix the infrastructure or install injection wells/pumps.

Chalan Pago-Ordot Mayor Jessy Gogue: 
472-8302/3 477-1333/7173

Small vegetation bamboo and tangantangan are blocking the road, not so much flooding – because public works last year trenched shoulders – so Pago Bay didn’t flood. Neither did Mai Mai or Naki Street, which previously had problems before those circumstances were addressed.

Dededo Mayor Melissa Savares:

Several areas flooded. Several Dededo families used the shelters. A big tree fell on the roof of a wood home. We are assessing extent of damage. All the folks at the shelter were able to go back home. There also are several downed power lines.

Hagatna Mayor John Cruz:
477-8045/47 472-6379

We transported two people to GWHS, but the major issues were flooding at the West O’Brien Drive. Manhole lids popped open.

Inarajan Mayor Doris Lujan: 

No calls or visits from residents needing shelter. Certain parts of the village flooded, and trees fell. There was a power outage last night in Malojloj but that was restored in less than 3 hours. Other outages lasted longer.

Mangilao Mayor Nito Blas: 

Certain streets flooded and a road washed out. There are several fallen trees and branches.

Merizo Mayor Ernest Chargualaf:

Flooding is the biggest issue. It’s a recurring problem year after year. Sewage also overflowed.

Mongmong-Toto-Maite Mayor Andrew Villagomez:
477-6758/9090 479-6800/1/2

Two residents called because branches fell onto the power lines. Storm drains needed to be cleared because of runoff and rocks and debris.

Piti Mayor Ben Gumataotao:

Trees fell and blocked traffic.

Santa Rita Mayor Dale Alvarez:

There does not seem to be any big problem in the village due to the storm.

Sinajana Mayor Robert Hoffman:

There is downed vegetation. One ponding basin almost is at capacity. Another ponding basin is mid level.  Rain and flood water are seeping into homes, the church, school and businesses, but causing little to no damage.  Power outages were mostly last night in the Afame area and handled by GPA within 2 hours.  Power fluctuations are happening here and there. Trees along lines were trimmed or taken care of last night.   Some  MCV/DoCoMo lines are hanging low due to wet vegetation and vines.  Standing by and waiting for the all clear to begin damage assessment and cleaning. The village fared pretty well.

Tamuning-Tumon-Harmon Mayor Louise Rivera:

At about 6 a.m. there were intermittent power outages. Some other areas went out at 10 a.m. and still not on as of 3 p.m. – area behind Pizza Hut, near airport road, McDonald’s area. Some of those are because of trees that fell on power lines. Some residents wanted to be evacuated from their homes.