Guam - He's the island's youngest convicted bank robber.

Only 18-years-old, Jathan Tedtaotao will spend the next 21 years behind bars charged with multiple crimes, including the Bank of Guam robbery from earlier this year.

It was back in March Jathan Tedtaotao told the cops he robbed the Bank of Guam in Yigo in February along with co-defendants Ricky Mcintosh Jr., Vincent Santos, and Antonio Quitugua.

Fast forward to today, he stands alone as the only defendant convicted of robbery in addition to burglary and a misdemeanor he committed as a minor.

As we've been reporting, Tedtaotao would have received a minimum nine year sentence for the Bank of Guam robbery and the burglary of a Yigo home, but he failed to cooperate with his plea agreement when he refused to testify against Mcintosh, Santos, and Quitugua. As a result, their charges were acquitted and his sentencing held today in which he yet again, flipped the switch and asked the court that he take the blame on behalf of all his co-defendants in each of the crimes.

 "I'm willing to take the sentencing but I just I don't want my co-defendants to get sentenced," he said. "I understand they have a conspiracy that's about it. But you guys are already sentencing me. You guys found the guy that did it."

We should note, Tedtaotao's brother Joshua is named a co-defendant in the February burglary in addition to Antonio Quitugua.  This case will head to trial in November, but as the court noted today, prosecution alleges the firearms stolen from the Yigo home were the same ones used in the bank robbery just days later.

Although defense attorney Gerald Gray requested for continuance of today's hearing as his client may be willing to cooperate in the November trial, the court denied his request. "I don't know what personal reasons caused my client to change his mind. For some reason he did. His behavior was quite unusual. I know he's under various medications. things like that. He still would be willing, if the government is open, to cooperating in the burglary case," he said.

 But as chief prosecutor Basil O'mallan noted, Tedtaotao has a poor history of cooperating with the government.

He said, "The people were very disappointed. Mr Tedtaotao's about face in the course of the first trial and his attempt now to try to take the fall so everybody else off the hook in the second case that is still coming up in November which is the burglary."

Although both parties requested Tedtaotao be sentenced to 15 years, Judge James Canto imposed that and more - 10 years for the bank robbery, 10 for the Yigo burglary, and one year for the unauthorized use of a motor vehicle Tedtaotao committed as a minor. The total 21 year sentence will be served consecutively.

"Mr. Tedtaotao has the dubious distinction of the being the first in my knowledge convicted bank robber on Guam," he said.

Tedtaotao may be the first convicted bank robber in local court, but not in federal court.

Back in 1997 James Ninete Leon Guerrero and Dominic John Aguon were found guilty of conspiring to commit an armed bank robbery at the Bank of Guam Mangilao branch.

Although the Yigo bank robbery may be closed, the stolen money and stolen firearms were never uncovered. In addition, the second gunman caught on the bank's surveillance footage was never identified.