Guam - Things are moving full steam ahead to get the Wildcats back into their Barrigada campus. Shutdown in 2012 for multiple health and safety violations the Home of the Wildcats is nearing completion as construction crews have been working through their punch list of items that must be completed in time for the start of the new school year.

DOE superintendent Jon Fernandez told KUAM News, "I haven't yet gone back to do my inspection today, but I do know as I have communicated with my point people on the project and as I have gone by as well we see the inspectors out there and so that is a good sign." He added, "The major piece I would say around a renovation like Untalan is not just the completion of the project which is substantial but also once your done because you have renovated you have removed old drains old drainage pipes you've removed old structures so there are things that also need to be disposed of as part of that project."

According to Fernandez all the major work has been completed all that is left is the removal of debris to get the site ready. But before an occupancy permit can be issued and the keys turned over the school must first pass a series of inspections, as he explained, "So I know that fire department has been out there and other partners so I think that's going to be ahead of schedule we are hoping to see certificate of occupancy sometime in the next week. The target is to try to get the certificate of occupancy by next so we are going to work with our agency partners to get that done once and once we are done we are prepared to fully go and take the equipment and put them in the classrooms and get the classrooms ready."

He says he is waiting to hear what the work will entail after the regulatory inspections are completed but anticipates that things will go smoothly. Once they have the keys they will begin to move all the equipment into the classrooms and since it only took three days for the equipment to be moved out of the Tiyan UMS campus, he says that they will put that same effort into moving the equipment into the renovated UMS campus.

Construction crews are working to on the finishing touches here at the Untalan Middle School in preparation for the return of the Wildcats on August 18.